Emergency Tree Services

Rapid Response: Hazardous Trees

Royal Green Tree Service fleetIf a tree on your property is threatening your safety, if a tree has fallen causing property damage, or if you have a hazardous tree situation, don’t put yourself at risk. Emergency response specialists at Royal Green Tree Service are available 24/7.

When contacted, we provide immediate service. A crew is dispatched as quickly as possible to take care of the emergency. We maintain a fleet of modern equipment that can handle any job. Crews are staffed by fully trained experienced arborists. Our vehicles are stored inside a heated building, and constantly maintained, so they are always immediately available for use.

Call 978-948-2222 for rapid response

Storm Damage: Debris Removal

Mother nature is unpredictable

In situations where a storm has inflicted damage on your trees but an emergency response is not called for you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Royal Green Tree Service. We can be on the scene promptly to evaluate the damage and determine whether a potential danger exists.

Downed or broken limbs, branches, and other debris can be safely removed quickly and efficiently to restore your property to its original condition.


Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

Tree Health Care


If you have any questions, or require emergency tree service, give us a call at 978-948-2222, or fill out our online form, and schedule your free estimate with a certified arborist. We look forward to hearing from you.