Frequently Asked Questions

Tree Service Questions

How Much Will My Tree Service Cost

The price of your tree service will vary depending on several factors, including the accessibility of the tree, the size of the tree, and the overall difficulty of the job. When you contact Royal Green Tree Service, an experienced arborist will visit your site, consult with you about your needs and options, and then provide you with a complete and free estimate of what the job would cost to perform. For more information, check out our list of tree services, or contact us today.

Why Should My Trees Be Pruned

Pruning improves the health, and beauty of your trees, and helps to keep them structurally safe. Pruning can also reduce the environmental impact that trees can have on your home. When branches grow too close to your home, they can cause shading, which encourages the growth of mold, and attract insects – factors that can ultimately result in costly damage to your property. Trees which cast too much shade in your yard can also prevent healthy grass growth, in which case you will likely have moss growing on your lawn, rather than grass. But the most important reason why trees should be pruned is because if your trees are not maintained, they can become a safety risk, with the branches becoming weak enough to fall. Tree branches with internal rot can break and fall, even on a calm day. Check out our tree pruning page for more information.

What Kind of Equipment Will Be Used During the Job

For removing large trees, the safest and most efficient piece of equipment to use is a crane. With a crane, we are able to lift the tree into the air, rather than letting it fall to the ground, which minimizes the risk of damage to your home and property. We also use brush chippers, a logging truck, and an aerial-lift truck to complete our jobs. We follow the latest industry standards on all job sites.

Will Your Equipment Damage My Yard

If a tree is only accessible by traveling through the yard, there is no way to guarantee there will be no marks left on your lawn. To minimize the risk of leaving imprints in your lawn, we use ground mats to distribute the weight of the truck, and always do a thorough clean up after the work is completed.

Are You Insured

Royal Green Tree Service is fully insured for liability resulting from damage to persons or property, and all of its employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Royal Green Tree Service will provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

Do I Need to Be Home While You Are Working

It is not necessary for you to be home while we are removing a tree from your property. Tree removal projects typically begin at eight in the morning. We do not need access into your home for any reason. For tree pruning, we ask that at least one person be home during the job, so we can ensure that the work is done to your exact preferences. Pruning jobs typically take less time, and are scheduled later in the day. Check out our list of tree services for more information.

How Do I Schedule a Free Estimate

To schedule a free estimate with Royal Green Tree Service, please call us anytime at 978-948-2222, visit our contact page, or fill out our online contact form. We will set up a day and time to discuss your needs and concerns. If you would like us to assess your property, and complete an estimate in your absence, we can. In such instances, we ask that you mark the trees that you would like to have examined with paint, string, or tape so that we know exactly which trees you are referring to. Consultations and estimates are always free of charge.

What Happens to the Wood from My Tree

We can either haul the wood away, or leave the wood in log-length pieces on your property. For an additional charge, we can also cut the wood into firewood-length pieces.

Is My Tree Dangerous

Sometimes there are obvious signs that a tree may be dangerous, like a broken, hanging limb. If there are mushrooms growing on the bark of a tree, that can also signify danger. This may indicate interior rot, which can cause branches to fail in wind, or under increased weight. Similarly, sawdust at the base of the tree can be an indicator of carpenter ants, which can also weaken a tree. Other signs of danger are more subtle. Our arborists are available to answer your questions, and provide a fuller understanding of the health of your trees. Call 978-948-2222, or fill out our contact form to have your trees assessed by one of our certified arborists.