Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding: A Fresh Start

Stump grinderUnlike trees stumps aren’t pretty. They can be hazardous, a nuisance, and take up yard space that could be put to good use. Stumps can produce new growth which is not only annoying but it leaches nutrients from other nearby plants. As if those weren’t enough reason to get rid of stumps they also attract wood-boring pests who will eventually make it to structures on your property.

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Tree Removal

The most effective way to remove stumps from your yard is the stump grinding process. In order to plant a new tree, or grow fresh grass where a stump is present, you have to grind the stump down at least 8″ below the surface. To ensure a stump’s complete removal, we like to grind approximately 10″ below the surface. Once the stump has been completely removed, you can then plant a new tree, or lay down fresh soil, and grass-seed.

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