Tree Removal

Safe Efficient Tree Removal

tree removal projectTrees are an important feature on what is typically your most valuable asset…your property.

In addition to their beauty and charm they perform valued service by cleansing the air, providing shade, and and protecting us from wind. However, especially here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, trees face constant challenges from insect infestations, disease, or severe weather which may cause hazardous conditions on your property.


Tree Health Care

Tree Pruning

When you see that a tree is a potential danger. Or if you have trees wreaking havoc on your house or structures because they’ve outgrown their space, it’s time to get professional advice.

When you contact Royal Green Tree Service a certified arborist will respond to evaluate your trees and make recommendations based on their overall health. Should circumstances dictate the need to remove a tree or trees you can be sure that Royal Green Tree Service has the right equipment, along with the experienced personnel to perform such a task safely, and efficiently.

Along with our skilled crew Royal Green has it’s own crane. Tree removal by crane maintains the integrity of the area under and around the tree. We are able to remove trees from tight or otherwise inaccessible locations by hoisting them up and over to a designated work area. It’s the most efficient way to remove trees as many jobs can be completed in hours rather than days.

Tree removal in progress with crane and trucks in place on Osgood Rd in Kensington, NH

For questions about tree removal. Or to arrange a free estimate give us a call at 978-948-2222. Or use our handy contact form.

We are Fully Licensed, Fully Insured, Fully Equipped, and Fully Prepared.

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