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Who says you can’t start at the top? Here, our skilled bucket operator removes treetops in Peabody.

For tree service in Peabody you can count on the experts at Royal Green Tree Service. With over 30 years of experience the arborists at Royal Green utilize the most modern equipment and techniques to safely address your tree care and tree removal needs. We’re fully bonded and insured. You can be sure that the safety of people, property, and pets is our highest priority.

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Peace of Mind

When you contact Royal Green Tree Service a certified arborist from our staff will visit your site to evaluate your trees. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your tree care or tree removal decisions are ultimately the best choice–not only for the trees but to avoid any potential danger on your property.

Efficiency Saves You Money

Peabody residents don’t have to stress out over tree removal costs. Although a variety of factors can influence the final cost of tree removal Royal Green has a logistical advantage. Our wealth of experience saves time while ensuring the safest environment on every project.
Trees which appear to be inaccessible, which may be on hilly or uneven terrain, or which may reside in close proximity to a wetland are certainly more challenging than trees on level, open spaces. These jobs take more time and carry a higher risk. Homeowners in Peabody need to be sure their tree service company is up to the job.  Our large crane along with bucket trucks, specialized equipment, and skilled tree climbers allows us to perform tree maintenance or removal in even the tightest of situations.

To arrange for a free estimate from a certified arborist give us a call at 978-948-2222. Or use our handy contact form. We’ll be in touch.

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