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When you need tree service in Seabrook count on the local tree professionals at Royal Green Tree Service. Accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating we are conveniently located minutes away in nearby Kensington.

You can count on a fast response in the event of a tree emergency. Or, if you’re looking for professional tree care or tree removal in Seabrook our Certified Arborist will evaluate your trees and provide you with recommendations along with a free estimate.

Tree removal in Seabrook, NH. Royal Green Tree Service

In April 2017 we removed a hazardous tree from this property in Seabrook. Once the job was complete you couldn’t even tell we were there.

Safety Is A Priority

The Arborists and tree care professionals at Royal Green have over 30 of years’ experience. We utilize the most modern equipment and techniques to safely address your tree care and tree removal needs. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured you can be sure that the safety of people, property, and pets is our highest priority.

Complete Menu Of Tree Services In Seabrook

Operating year round we serve Seabrook homeowners as well as commercial property owners.

Trees in Seabrook and throughout the New Hampshire Seacoast must endure more than their fair share of hardship. Gale force winds, salt air, and harsh temperatures are contributing factors to the health of your trees. Throw in soil conditions which can range from coarse and dry to wet or saturated soils and you have an environment where tree health is constantly at risk.

The Certified Arborists at Royal Green Tree Service are at your service to assess the health of your trees and make recommendations. We’ll also provide a free estimate for the most affordable tree care or tree removal services in the Seabrook area.

Call Royal Green at 978-948-2222 or use the contact form on the right side of this page.

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In the Seacoast Area our service area includes: Seabrook, Hampton, Hampton Beach, Hampton Falls, North Hampton, South Hampton, Rye, New Castle, and Portsmouth.